David Stember

Celebrating your inner journey to making a difference in the world

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ChangeMakerDharma serves aspiring changemakers by offering transformative coaching, experiential learning, culture change, and organizational development rooted in wisdom, experience, and passion.

ChangeMaker - one who desires change in the world and makes that change happen by gathering wisdom, knowledge and resources.

Dharma - a personal path in accord with the sacred order of life, which encompasses virtuous conduct and expresses the ‘‘right way of living’’.

Why ChangeMaker Dharma

To realize the enlightened state of the world we seek our efforts to change it must be grounded in the power and wisdom of our highest consciousness. True change and growth results from a perfect synergy of internal and external dynamics and the potential is endless for our global family as we collectively grow in the skills and understanding around this fundamental interplay. 

ChangeMakerDharma is an insightful fusion of spiritual, psychological, and organizational modalities employed to help clients transform their personal life, relationships, career, work environment, teams and organizations.

This work is based on practical skills gleaned through extensive personal experience in each of these arenas. These offerings are further honed through daily service to gifted leaders of global movement organizations, social enterprises, and grassroots community groups.

Client motivations:

  1. Energize your team, network and organization by successfully activating New Power strategies for campaign and organizing programs.

  2. Design and successfully deliver transformational culture change projects.

  3. Enhance interpersonal skill for higher functioning relationships, teams and organizations.

  4. Successfully establish and deepen meditation practices to rekindle balance and joy -- personally, professionally, and within organizations.

  5. Replace limiting behaviors by identifying and developing high-functioning practices that will energize your life.

  6. Clarify your purpose and vision and experience renewed energy and passion.

  7. Advance your changemaker mission by mobilizing effective action plans.  


I will always be grateful for having had the opportunity to work with David. Few people have shaped my leadership journey in the way he has and I’m delighted others will now learn from him through Changemaker Dharma. I can trace key aspects of growth and my expanding confidence as a leader from insights David shared with me and support he provided. I experienced his work through the many hats he wore at 350.org and in every role I observed him leading with culture. As the saying goes, culture eats strategy for breakfast and David is a culture shifter in all his interactions; able to get to the heart of a situation, name an unspoken dynamic in a group or particular interpersonal relationship. These skills are essential in grassroots organizing and movement building. He’s also walked the walk of leading grassroots volunteer groups, shaped national network programs and helped lead several hard-hitting national campaigns.

May Boeve, Executive Director 350.org